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How to Best Prepare for your House Cleaning

1/31/2019 | Author: Zach Fritz | Category: Cleaning Tips

Whether it’s your first time getting your house cleaned professionally or you just want to get the most our of your house cleaning, these tips will help you set you and your servicer up for success.

Tips For first timers:

Asking the right questions when booking your house cleaning is the first step in making sure that you feel safe and secure. You are letting a stranger into your home, after all.

     • Do they have Liability Insurance?

                Accidents happen, the last thing you want after one of your valuables is broken is to be responsible for fixing or replacing it yourself. 

     • Do they check background check their employees?

                Keep your valuables safe by making sure you know the background of the person or the  people you’re bringing into your home. The CRB and DBS are reputable and typically used sources for background checks.

     How many people will be coming to clean and how long will they be there for?

                Cleaning companies typically charge by either your house size or by the hour. Be sure to verify how many cleaners they’ll be sending and how long they plan on being there. Both of these factors may affect your price, so make sure you’re getting your money’s worth and aren’t cutting any corners.

     • Do I need to sign a contract?

                This is a simple question that can easily be forgotten. You don’t want to get locked into a contract with a company you might end up having issues with down the line. Contracts aren’t typical, and if you are presented with one, read it thoroughly to avoid these situations.

Plan for their arrival:

Having a plan in place for when your cleaning companies team arrives will ensure that they’re able to perform their duties in the time allotted.  Try to be home for your first cleaning. Some companies require that you are so they’re able to iron out any kinks they may need to. That includes any special instructions for entering your home, like specific entrances, alarm codes, garage codes, etc. A lot of professional house cleaners do offer a key service where they’ll make a copy of your key for their own use, rather than you needing to be there to let them in for future appointments. Not everyone feels comfortable with this option, so make sure you discuss this with your professional to make sure you feel safe about it. 

Know what to expect:

Most house cleaners offer multiple options when it comes to their cleanings. Ask questions, makes sure they know your special requests, and make a list. Many companies might already have check list for you to review, but you’re paying for this service, so don’t be afraid to add things you feel are necessary. A few typical offerings may include:

     • Sweeping and mopping
     • Kitchen and bathroom counters
     • Toilets, sinks, showers, and baths
     • Tiled walls and mirrors
     • Making beds
     • Stairs and closet floors
     • Vacuuming and dusting
     • Kitchen appliance exteriors
     • Baseboards
     • Trash removal
     • Picture frame and window sills
     • Basic knickknack dusting 

Unless previously specified, there are a few things that aren’t typically covered by most companies. These may include:

     • Dishes
     • Laundry
     • Organizing
     • Semi-outdoor spaces such as garages and screened in porches
     • Dusting knickknacks
     • Pet clean up
     • Cleaning under and behind heavy furniture
     • Cleaning under and behind large appliances
     • Interior of kitchen appliances (microwaves, ovens, refrigerators)
     • Kitchen and bathroom deep scrubbing
     • All cabinet, door, and window frames
     • All windows
     • High reach cleaning

Get the easy stuff done yourself:

        It might seem strange to clean before your service, but there are things that may hinder them from doing the best job that they can. Getting these things done before your professional arrives will ensure you get the best clean they can offer.

     • Remove Clutter This includes clothes, toys, shoes, socks, blankets, pillows. Anything that isn’t in its usual place.

     Dishes Most cleaners wont do your dishes for you. Get them in them washed and put away. Your sink and counters need to be cleared so your cleaner can wipe them down and sanitize. 

     Plan for your pets Animals can distract or get in the way, so make sure you discuss them with the cleaning company to see what they prefer. Some companies are very pet friendly, they may even take your dog for a walk for you! 

     Payment Last but not least: payment. If you do not have a prearranged payment set up with your servicer, make sure you have it ready by the time they’re done. If you won’t be home, make sure you leave it in a previously designated spot. Don’t forget, if you are happy with your house cleaning, be sure to leave a tip!

Once these things are covered, you should be set up to receive a great clean. Don’t hesitate to ask questions, let your concerns be known and help them out where you can to ensure that each one of their visits goes smoothly and you get the service you paid for.