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Holiday Cleaning Checklist

12/12/2019 | Author: Zach Fritz | Category: Seasonal Cleaning

The Holidays are a great time for hosting parties and having friends and family over, but with all the fun of getting together also comes the stress of hosting. Check out this holiday cleaning checklist to help you prepare for the onslaught of loved ones you plan to celebrate with.

The Tough Tasks:
Start preparing up to a month in advance and tackle any of the harder and more tedious tasks. This will make the week leading up to your event much easier.

Foyer/ Entryway
       Dust and wipe down walls, doors, window ledges, and railings
       Set out your holiday decorations and make sure any out of season items are away in storage

      Deep Clean all appliances: Dishwasher, fridge, microwave, oven, and any small appliances. 
      Dust tops of your cabinets, light fixtures, doors, and the refrigerator
      Clean grease of kitchen surfaces

Dining Room
      Prepare any table decorations
      Polish Silverware
      Polish the table
      Plan out your seating making sure you have enough chairs for your guests

Living Room
      Launder your blankets and pillows
      Organize any unsightly clutter
      Vacuum the couch and seats
      Clean any furniture or carpet stains

      Clean any buildup on tiles and faucets
      Dust light fixtures, doors, and high ledges
      Check the corners of the room for dust build up.
      Check for leaks and broken hardware

Guest Bedroom
      Clear out closets and dresser drawers
      Dust the space

The Once Over:
The week before your guest are due to arrive start going through the more regular cleaning duties and double check your tough tasks are still clean.

Foyer/ Entryway
      Sweep and mop floors
      Shake out and clean entry mat

      Wipe down all appliances
      Wipe down all surfaces
      Sweep and mop floors
      Freshen up your fridge

Dining Room
      Dust the space
      Wash any plate wear and serving utensils
      Start setting up your table decorations

Living Room
      Dust the space
      Wipe down any surfaces
      Clear any pet hair from blankets and furniture
      Vacuum rugs

      Sweep and mop floors
      Wipe down surfaces
      Clean the mirrors
      Stock up on extra toiletries

Guest Bedroom
      Wash and gather guest bedding
      Vacuum rugs
      Sweep and mop floors

Touch It Up:
Go through your last minute cleaning tasks the day of your gathering

Foyer/ Entryway
      Make room in closets for guests coats

      Wipe down and clear of counter tops
      Take out the trash
      Empty the dishwasher
      Make room in the fridge for any food your guests bring
      Hang a fresh dish towel

Dining Room
      Freshen up you table décor
      Set the table
      Light any candles

Living Room
      Clear of any pet hair (aren’t you glad you did that already one this week?)
      Declutter the space
      Arrange throw pillows and blankets
      Vacuum any high trafficked areas

      Clean the mirror
      Clean out the sinks
      Close any show curtains
      Check all toiletries are stocked (soap and toilet paper)
      Set out fresh hand towels

Guest Bedroom
      Make the bed with your clean bedding
      Lay our fresh towels
      Write down the wifi password
      Fluff the pillows