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Pest Control

7/8/2019 | Author: Zach Fritz | Category: Seasonal Cleaning

Along with the warmer months comes a lot of really exciting and fun things. Days spent outside, nights spent around a fire. But along with the good things, some bad come as well. With the warmer weather, humans aren't the only creatures out and about. Pests are particularly active this time of year in search of food, so preparing to fend off your home from hungry little invaders is a smart move to keep yourself and your family happy and healthy.


The first line of defense is keeping your kitchen and bathroom clean. Dirty and dark areas are the ideal breeding grounds for pests, which is why keeping your appliances and counters free of any standing water or mess is very important. Regularly disinfecting these areas is also key, even the smallest bit of left-over food scrap residue can lead to a much larger problem and attract a slew of different pests. Similarly, keeping your bathroom free of mold or mildew and drains free of buildup will help defend against equally unwelcome visitors.


Stagnant water is the perfect breeding ground for one of summers most annoying creatures: mosquitos. They lay their larvae in small puddles, so making sure to take care of any standing water will help prevent these guys from making your home their own. Double check any cleaning buckets or utensils that may harbor dampness before you store them away as well.


Overripe fruit and veggies are also major attractants to unwelcome house guests. Fruit flies and other little bugs may not be a huge threat, but they are a tasty snack for much bigger, more offending group of pests. Ants, roaches, flies and even mice are attracted to the allure of food, so be sure to keep any food stored safely away and be vigilant that anything that is left out hasn’t gone past its prime.


Garbage is the most appealing place for a pest to want to explore. Things are thrown away every day, meaning that trash should also be removed every day as well. Rats, mice and roaches are the most likely culprits to be rummaging through your garbage, but it is also an attractant for flies and their maggots. Once one pest finds the cornucopia of a garbage can, it won’t be long before others find their way to the feast.



Being aware of these small but useful practices are a great step into ensuring that your home isn’t a welcoming place for unsavory visitors. Making sure these things are worked into a routine will help the overall cleanliness of your home and help make it a safe and healthy place for you and your family to enjoy all that summer has to offer!