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Tips for Making and Keeping a Cleaning Schedule

5/7/2019 | Author: Mike Kusniesz | Category: Cleaning Tips

Have you ever thought to yourself: “I know I would be more successful in keeping my house clean if I could just get a schedule in place.”? You’re not alone! One of the most common reasons that people struggle with getting and keeping their house clean is simply because of the lack of routine. 

There are a lot of different things that factor into the difficulty of making a schedule and sticking to it, but the most frequent roadblocks is just life itself. There’re appointments to get to, grocery shopping to be done, work ran late, etc. Life happens! That’s why creating a schedule and routine that factors in life is the best way to be able to get on the track to success when it comes to keeping a clean, healthy home. 

The most important thing that has to be taken into consideration when trying to set the schedule and routine is making sure to do things that can be accomplished easily and putting the heavier workloads off for a time that will be safely sufficient. Over at Housewife How-To’s, they created a really great, easily achievable format that can be form-fitted to fit most lifestyles. By breaking down how things should be done, when they should be done and if they’re able to be done, getting into an achievable and beneficial routine isn’t something that’ll be daunting for long.

Struggling to be able to determine what should be done and when is also hard to do, but Good Housekeeping created a handy-dandy chart that lists out most common household tasks and breaks down if something should be done daily, weekly, monthly or yearly. This can just be used as a point of reference and can be edited however seen fit but does a great job at helping determine and separate. 

If organization and accountability is something that’s struggled with, making an easily accessible and detailed cleaning checklist is the perfect way to make sure things stay on track. has a huge selection of really nice checklists from people all over the world. There are also some that are blank or editable so you’re able to put your own spin on it. If you can’t seem to find one online that speaks to you, make a quick list right on your own computer! Easily editable, convenient and free. 

There’s no one set cleaning schedule that works for everyone and it’s not the end of the world if a few things get put on the backburner. Life is hard and there’s a lot to do, but setting yourself up for success and making the valiant effort of trying to create and stick to a routine will help so many other areas of your life. Mainly, it’ll hopefully free-up some space in your mind for more appealing things than having to remember to clean your oven or scrub the bathroom. Take the time now to organize your cleaning schedule and save yourself the worry and dread later on by making sure that your home is always on the right track to being the clean, well-run retreat you deserve!