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How To Have a Successful Spring Cleaning

3/14/2019 | Author: Mike Kusniesz | Category: Cleaning Tips

It’s finally happened! Spring is here and it’s time to shake out those winter doldrums. What better way to do that than to throw your windows open and freshen up your home with a good old-fashioned spring cleaning? With the dim, dreary days of winter in our rearview mirror, it’s time to tackle all of those tasks that got put on the backburner. It’s so hard to stay on top of cleaning when it gets dark by 4PM and all you want to do is unthaw your weary, wintery bones on the couch with a glass of wine and your favorite show queued up for a night of binge-watching. But the sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and your place needs a breath of fresh air, so it’s time to come out of hibernation and get some life back into your abode!

It’s hard to fall back into a pattern of getting and keeping a home clean after winter waves it’s final goodbye and a great way to combat falling behind again is to make a checklist. Rather than sitting down and trying to think of everything you want to get accomplished, we’ve found a great resource for a very thorough, has-things-we’d-never-think-of-list that can be used to spark your own ideas as to what you’d like to add. Over at I Dream Of Clean, Christine Satterfield compiled a great jumping off point with her ultimate spring cleaning checklist. And while there are a few entries on here that may not apply to your needs specifically, it’s still a super useful tool to have in your spring-cleaning arsenal.

Along with having a checklist in place with the things you’d like to accomplish, it’s also helpful to schedule and plan out what and when you want to get done. Deciphering what should get cleaned first come spring cleaning isn’t the easiest feat, and there are a lot of really great resources out there to help with creating and sticking to a schedule (our favorite is A Bowl Full Of Lemons). A good rule of thumb is to start at the top and work your way down. That means breaking out your trusty duster(microfiber, cheap, and reusable!) and getting at those door frames, crown moldings and ceiling fans. The Queen of the home  Martha Stewart has a super helpful slideshowon how to dust properly if you feel like your skills may have gotten a little.. dusty.. over winter.

Make sure that when you’re working your way from top to bottom that you’re really getting everything on the way down. One of the biggest things that usually get overlooked is furniture. Cleaning your furniture is a great way to help freshen things up for spring, you’d be amazed at what a couch can accumulate over a season! There’s a bunch of different ways to clean a couch, but  Living Spacesdetailed a pretty all-encompassing process that’ll be super helpful for those out there with fabric couches, chairs, etc. For those of you with leather furniture, check out Top Cleaning Secretsfor a how-to!

Once your nooks are neat and your crannies are cleansed, the last part of any successful spring cleaning is making your floors gleam like the rest of your newly polished home. Nowadays every home has a different type of floor. From cork to concrete, the possibilities are almost endless. Over at Real Simple, they have a great list of most common floor types that goes over how to clean your floors and how to keep them clean and protected. One last issu you may come across is getting rid of the salt residue that got dragged in on shoes and boots. Luckily, your friends here at The Gift Of Clean have a blog that tackles most major issues that road salt can bring into your home, check it out here.

I hope we can all take a collective sigh of relief knowing that winter has packed its bags and shouldn’t be showing it’s face again for the next few months. So now that spring is here, make the best of it and prepare for a successful summer with a thorough clean!