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Why Gift Cards Are The Best Gift To Give

3/1/2019 | Author: Mike Kusniesz | Category: Cleaning Tips

Back in 1994, Neiman Marcus and Blockbuster Entertainment were the two business that brought the early form of the gift card into the main stream. Today they can be found for almost anything you can imagine. Food and clothes, furniture and travel; you’d be hard up to find any type of business that doesn’t offer some type of gift card. And there’s a simple reason why: people want them!

Unlike a gift certificate or a coupon, gift cards give consumers freedom and flexibility to do and get what they please. With all of these options, giving a gift has never been easier, both for the giver and the receiver. One of the most popular reasons that consumers love getting gift cards is because it gives them the opportunity to get what they really want. Unless you have someone in your life that’s dog-earing catalogs or sending you links to their online wish list, a gift card is a safe and secure bet.

A lot of people tend to think of a gift card as a thoughtless gift, but most people are just appreciative that you thought of them at all! Especially nowadays where there are endless amounts of goods and services being offered in the form of a gift card, there’s still plenty of thought and care being put into the gifting process. How many robes, bracelets and other trinkets can you give before they start losing their luster? This practice has become so popular for one reason: It puts the buying power in the hands of the receiver. When giving a gift card, you’re not limiting your giving potential to a physical thing, you can give entire experiences! Dinner, a movie, a trip to the grocery store, the possibilities are endless. In tough financial times, giving someone the gift of an experience is hugely appreciated. Typically, the first thing that’s sacrificed when a budget is restricted is pain old, (but probably pricey) fun.

Aside from the obvious perks of receiving a gift card, there are quite a few for being the one giving it as well. Deciding to buy gift cards allows you an easier way to adhere to your budget. Setting a specific dollar amount for each card takes away the possibility of spending more on one person than you do another or accidentally purchasing something pricier than intended. Another perk is that you don’t even necessarily have to leave home to do your gift shopping. Most places offer egift cards that can be sent directly to someone online or the option of mailing a physical card. Being lighter and easier to ship than most other things, the chances of racking up shipping charges are pretty slim. Luckily, these processes are either immediate or quick, making any type of last-minute shopping (especially around the holidays) a breeze.

The market for gift cards is huge and growing every year. While physical card sales are expected to increase at a rate of 5-6%, egift cards were recorded having a 200% growth rate from 2017 to 2018. Gift cards are the number one requested gift year-round, with an average of 20% being sold in the winter holiday months.

With all of this being said, you don’t need to feel bad about giving someone a gift card. It is a thoughtful present and it can be utilized in so many different ways. Your grandma will still love the clay pinch bowl your kids made her in school, but why not sweeten up her holiday with a free trip to her favorite store or restaurant whenever she wants it? Save yourself the stress and give your loved ones a sure-fire winner, a gift card!