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13 Tips to Clean it up for the HOLIDAYS!

11/21/2018 | Author: Gabe Nunez | Category: Cleaning Tips

1. Remove baked on grease and stains from your glass dishes and bakeware with a Magic Eraser.  
Using Magic Erasers to clean those hard to remove stains from your glass dishes and bakeware is an excellent idea! Your dishes will sparkle and shine!

2. Clean your oven range hood filter with degreaser. 
    If you are planning on doing a lot of cooking for the holidays, it might be a good idea to clean your oven range hood filter with a water based degreaser. This will ensure proper ventilation in your kitchen while you cook.

3. Use tools to clean the nooks and crannies of your window blinds and seals… 
    Windows are often neglected and can collect a ton of dust and debris. Use a cleaning tool such as a window blind brush, to help you easily sweep up dust and dirt.… or soak blinds in the bathtub with dish soap and white vinegar. 

4. After cleaning your baseboard, keep them free of dust by wiping it with a fresh dryer sheet.  
    After cleaning your baseboards, make sure to take a fresh dryer sheet and rub it along the base of your wall and molding. The anti-static chemicals in dryer sheets will help repel future dust. 

5. Whiten yellow pillows and linens by washing with these ingredients.  
    Breathe new life into dingy looking linens and pillows by washing them in a mixture of Borax, bleach, dish soap and powdered laundry detergent. 

6. Dust your ceiling fan blades using an old pillowcase. 
    Capture all the dust from your ceiling fan in one quick swoop by using an old pillowcase to enclose the dust and dirt.

7. Remove your toilet seat to clean hidden odor-causing germs and bacteria. 
    If your toilet is smelly despite constantly cleaning it, there may be hidden filth under the tank that’s out of sight and mind. Remove the seat and with a disinfecting wipe quickly clean in there using a screwdriver or other slim object.

8. Use Rain-X on your shower door and windows to prevent water stains, streaks and soap scum buildup.  
    Keep your shower doors, mirrors and windows spotless with this insane hack. Simply spray and wipe with Rain-X, the auto-glass cleaner and they will remain spotless for weeks!

9. Lift stains from your microfiber couch using rubbing alcohol and baby wipes.  
    Easily lift stains from your microfiber couch by spraying with rubbing alcohol and rub remaining stains with baby wipes. Afterwards, brush the couch with soft bristle brush.

10. Use a mirror and clothes hanger to clean mineral deposits from the rinse hole in your toilet.  
    If you find that your toilet is flushing a little bit slower than usual, take a mirror to examine the rinse holes. They may be clogged with mineral deposits that need to be cleaned away to make your toilet flush more efficiently.

11. Deep clean your dishwasher with a cycle of bleach and baking soda.  
     Using a 4-step process, you will use baking soda, bleach, and vinegar in a separate washing cycles to deep clean smells, mold and bacteria from your dishwasher.

12. After cleaning your faucets, rub them with wax paper.  
    After cleaning your chrome faucets, try rubbing them with wax paper. The wax transfers living your faucets shining brilliantly for days.

13. Use a warm iron set to the highest steam setting to remove set in carpet stains…  
    Spray the stain with white vinegar and water. Place a white towel over the stain. With a warm clothing iron set to the highest steam setting place over the towel for a few seconds and lift every few seconds until stain has transferred to towel.