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How to Tidy Your Home When You Don’t Have an Expert to Help - Guest Writer Jackie Waters

8/13/2019 | Author: Admin Admin | Category: Cleaning Tips

How to Tidy Your Home When You Don’t Have an Expert to Help 

Does the image above make you feel overwhelmed? You’re not alone. Clutter and mess can be a major source of stress in your home, but most people never even realize it’s a problem. So how can you break the cycle, feel less stressed and still have time for the rest of your schedule? Well, you don’t necessarily need an expert. You just need some quick and easy tips below to banish the mess from your home. You may even have a little fun in the process!

Get Some Tools That Do Your Cleaning for You 

Look, no one wants to spend countless hours scrubbing and cleaning up messes. But leaving your home in a constant state of chaos is no good for your mental and physical health. If every day you wake up to clutter in your bedroom, kitchen or bathroom, you’re bound to start your morning feeling anxious and disorganized. So, maybe start with one of those rooms first and go shopping for some gadgets and tools that will make tidying up a breeze. Also look for storage options and hacks that help you maximize space, such as built-in compartments with doors to keep your belongings hidden and make the rooms more attractive. Find items that will be useful to winnow down the clutter and boost your organization.
Take Your Decluttering Process One Room at a Time 

Getting organized is no easy task. That’s one of the reasons Marie Kondo and other clutter experts have found such a big audience for their advice. Clutter can be emotional, which can make sorting through it exhausting. To keep the process from causing you undue stress, you have to be realistic in your efforts to downsize your stuff, but also stay objective when deciding what you really need to keep. Since getting used to this process can take time, try clearing out one room at a time. Maybe begin with your bedroom, so you can feel more relaxed at bedtime and work your way into other areas of your home. Get everything that doesn’t belong out, so you can decide what you ultimately want to do with it all. 

Enlist a Compassionate Friend to Help With Your Chores 

If spending time alone sorting through mountains of clutter and mess sounds like agony to you, why not try turning it into a group activity? Ask a close friend or loved one to come over and help out with part, or all of the decluttering process. Tidying up together can make a tedious process much more bearable, plus you will have an objective opinion to help you weed through all of your stuff. Make a day or a weekend of it by playing some fun music or chatting while you both work to organize your home. You can repay the favor by helping your friend declutter their home or cook a simple dinner to show your appreciation. Just be sure to put those dishes away once your “thank you” meal is done. 

Spend Less of Your Time Maintaining an Organized Home 

Taming the chaos in your home is only half of the battle when it comes to organizing your life. You have to do a little work to keep things that way, and keep clutter from taking back control. The goods new is you really can keep your home tidy without spending most of your time doing so. Instead of checking every task off of your list at once, try spreading out your cleaning throughout the week. Maybe reserve a few minutes each day to dust, vacuum or pick up scattered items around your home. Try eating your cleaning frogs before you do anything else, to make the tasks go by even faster. 

Stay Organized When It’s Time to Move

Hopefully, you’ll have already decluttered your home if you’re getting ready to move out. This will make the transition easier, since there are fewer items to pack up. Even if you haven’t gone through your belongings yet, you can always do so when settling in at your new place. Regardless of the state of your current home, there are ways to make the moving process less stressful, thanks to professional services. You can hire a company to ship a secured storage container to you, which you use to pack your belongings in. The container company then transports the box to your storage unit or new home. This method can help you decide what you want to take with you and what you want to toss or donate, in order to fit your belongings into the container. You also have the option of ordering more than one storage container, but keep in mind that the price will increase if you go this route.

Chances are, Marie Kondo will not be stopping by your home anytime soon. But you can still spark joy in your own life by decluttering all on your own. Or get a friend to help. Just know that you do not need an expert to bring order to your home. You just need the tips above and a little motivation to makeover your cluttered home into a haven of organization. 

Photo Credit: Pixabay