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Get the Most Of Your Summer With Our Cleaning Tips and Tricks

5/31/2019 | Author: Mike Kusniesz | Category: Cleaning Tips

Summer is finally here! The last thing that anyone wants to do during these bright, wonderful months is spend their time indoors, begrudgingly mucking about with cleaning. The weather is too nice, and summer is too short, so follow these steps to help set yourself and your home up for a successful and clean season.

Now that the sun is out and shining its happy beams, you’ve probably noticed quite a few things that may have gotten put on the wayside over winter; the first being windows. Cleaning windows is never fun, but it truly does open up your home by helping to bring in as much light as possible. This Old House highlighted the best waysto tackle your pane-pains, leaving you with spotless, clear windows. The next step on our scrubbing safari is taking care of those dust tendrils you now see haughtily dancing around in your new blast of summer light 

Dust is typically more prevalent in the winter months due to the dry, warm air from heating systems, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t just as annoying during summer. Apartment Therapy has a list of great ways to help eliminate and prevent dust from accumulating all year-round. Also, using a good-quality micro-fiber cloth helps prevent dust from being thrown around in the process of trying to get rid of it. Amazon has a pack of fifty for cheap and they’re washable, reusable and super handy to have on-hand for tons of tasks both inside and outside the house.

Another way to help keep your home clean and summer-ready is to declutter and organize. Fewer things to clean and fewer things to put away means less time spent doing it and more time doing the things you want to do. Budget Dumpster has a “ridiculously thorough” guide on helping you declutter if you’re struggling. Summer is the perfect time to declutter because it also happens to be rummage sale season! A lot of communities hold city-wide rummage sales where they have handy maps or an online directory to guide shoppers, but there are also joint rummage sales that you can become a part of if holding your own isn’t something that appeals to you. Check out for a list of the biggest, joint rummage sales in the U.S.

Now that our windows are gleaming, the dust has been conquered and our homes have been decluttered, the final step may be the more difficult one of the bunch: making and keeping a cleaning schedule for the rest of your home. Having one in place will help keep things on track and fluent, preventing days stuck inside trying to catch up on things. Luckily, we’ve got another post on how to make and keep a cleaning schedule, you can check it out here

Before we know it, summer will be packing his bags of sunshine, warmth and green and our old buddy winter will be back, however much of an unwelcome visitor he may be, ready to bully us into hunkering down for another long, chilly season. So, don’t take summer for granted! Follow these tips on how to prepare your home so you can take full advantage of all the summertime fun you can!